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Art Black and white drawings - Love Story

Romantic Love Story in black and white pencil art drawings by Anna Annouche Koutsidou

This romantic story of two lovers captured using paper and pencil Greek artist Anna Annouche Koutsidou.

Very hard to convey feelings in a colorful black and white colors of the drawings, but, in my opinion, Anna did it!

Art: Black and White drawings in Gothic style

The original Gothic pictures by Blaster Kid from Deviant Art  sufficiently dark to be called art, on the other side of them emanates not so much darkness, much mystery. Stories, captured in these gloomy figures in pencil, rather like the secret rituals of ancient secret societies.

Black and white pencil illustrations

Black and white illustrations of Spanish artist Kristin Sagli named “Organic”. 

These bizarre black and white abstract forms everyone can see something different. Personally, I think it’s more likely a twisted roots of trees and flowers.

Art: Black and white pencil drawings

Phantasmagoric illustration

These whimsical faces according to the French artist Obery Nicolas are expressions of psycho human nature. Look at the face painted on the illustrations may life in one of them you will find it yourself.

Black and White pencil Art by Nicolas Delort

These gorgeous pencil drawings painted by French artist Nicolas Delort

Nicolas Delort is an illustrator currently living in the grey suburbs of Paris.
Gathering inspiration in the daily and mundane as well as books and any kind of narrative medium, Nicolas endeavours to tell stories, big and small, by working on strong, evocative and intricate black and white compositions.
Available for all sorts of freelance jobs. Represented by Shannon Associates.

Art: Black and White Drawings

Pencil Art by Joe Fenton

Joe Fenton is a London based artist that works mainly in monochrome. His large drawings are produced using graphite, ink and acrylics on paper. Joe’s art work is influenced by many of the early surrealists.

Embracing the grotesque by his employment of Hieronymus Bosch like figures that are gangly, writhing and cramped. Joe also uses motifs that suggest Eastern philosophy and Middle Eastern architecture whilst maintaining a feel for European Baroque and Rococo with complex frame ornamentation and plant like details.

A common theme in all his works which recurs again and again is that of death and the fear of death. The fanciful and even freakish nature of his images seem to spring from the need to distance himself from the fear while at the same time acknowledging it.

Prior to his decision to commit full time to his personal works, Joe had two children’s books published, as author and illustrator which have won various awards. Joe has also worked for several years as a special effects sculptor and designer for motion pictures.

He has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Sculpture from the Wimbledon Art School.

Art: Black and White Drawings - Audi

Black and White Pencil Art

by Elena Shevcova

Pencil Eye: Black and White Drawings

Superb Art: Black and White Drawings (Amazing Quality Pencil Art !!!)

Looking at these beautiful pencil drawings impossible not to express his admiration. To what extent the artist have to be perfect to nvyki to draw animals in pencil so realistic that these pictures is almost impossible to distinguish from photographs.

I believe that these old-fashioned pencil drawings are really the height of perfection of artistic ideas!

Perfect pencil work by Pavel Apostol shows to us a good ideas for inspiration

Each of us, At least once in your life took a pencil and began to draw the first thing that comes to mind. Someone painted illustrations of his house, some other car, a third person - a landscape or still life. But after we became adults and forget about this wonderful thing - to paint black and white illustrations in pencil.

Fortunately, with the development of the Internet, povilos many sites on which artists spread their creations, which were created by pencil and paper. I will try to present in his blog the most interesting of these artists.

Welcome to my blog, dear followers!

I like black and white drawings pencil art. And I’ll try to post daily perfect pencil drawings. So, If You’re interesyed in Black and White pancil drawings Art, I’ll try to update my content with fresh drawings and illustration especially by this niche. This is my first tumblr blog, so please do not judge me harshly!